“What are your success rates?”

Résumé writers, as opposed to career coaches, have little or no control over a wide range of issues that can directly affect whether or not a client is extended an interview or is hired. Examples include whether they apply to enough positions, whether they apply to those positions that are appropriate for their level, which markets or regions they target, how attractive their online presence is, whether they blog on their areas of expertise if they network their resumes to get them into the right hands, how well they brand themselves, and of course, how effectively they sharpen their interview skills.

Also, many clients order résumés well before they need them so that they are prepared in the event that layoffs occur or a better opportunity presents itself. In addition, some clients order résumés for applications to graduate programs, to include with their proposals, for speaking engagements, to place their names in nomination for alumni or industry awards, or simply because their HR departments requested a resume to keep on file.

For these reasons and others, it is extremely difficult to effectively track résumé outcomes specifically. However, we do have a high volume of enthusiastic testimonials. Also, feel free to Google “Resume CEO” to see for yourself that we have virtually no client complaints online. For an organization that has been in practice for many years, and for an organization that charges a premium price, offering top-level quality and service, that is a record that few professionals or service providers can match!

“How much does it cost?”

First, let me stress that our resume writing service is not a typing or page layout service. We specialize in working with our clients to create custom-branded career marketing tools that provide a potential employer with a unique selling proposition to what makes you special and, more importantly, what they are going to see to make them grab your resume out of the shortlist their ATS system identified. Your investment is based on a $125 hourly rate, but as you can imagine, every person/project we see is entirely different, so prices can be all over the board.

Some individuals have a resume that just needs a little polish or updating. Others need a complete revamp or development process. Still, others end up needing more than one version of their resume to ensure they appropriately target and emphasize the keywords relevant to the different positions they will pursue. Therefore, some projects can be very quick in the one-hour range, while others are much more intensive, requiring an in-depth interview, research, and development. So, you could be looking at anywhere from $125 on up, depending on what we determine together that you need to maximize your qualifications.

All projects are custom to the time and complexity of each client’s background and history, and I base this on my $125 hourly rate. And I’ve done projects that ranged from $125 to $2,500. You can view our starting rates to get an idea of ballpark figures.

“What is your refund policy?”

We do not offer refunds. We deliver high-quality service and cannot offer refunds on our services, as these are not products that can be returned. A lot of resources go into producing top-notch documents, and we cannot afford to extend refunds.